Your Money, Your Wealth

By 760 KFMB

Hosts: Joe Anderson and Alan Clopine

Show Contact:  888-994-6257 / 888-99- GOALS

Heard on 760KFMB: Saturday, 10am – 12pm. 

Show Info:  Your Money, Your Wealth is hosted by Pure Financial Advisors’ Joe Anderson and Alan Clopine.  Joe, Alan and their staff offer an innovative business model for financial planning that places the client first by design and eliminates the conflicts of interest inherent in traditional models.

Formed by financial services veteran Michael Fenison, every aspect of Pure Financial Advisors is aligned with the client’s interests. The hybrid, retainer-based business model overcomes one of the major criticisms of the financial planning industry: a conflict of interest between the client’s needs and the advisor’s compensation. 

Pure’s advisors are salaried employees who are never compensated by the sale of financial products or asset management fees allowing them to focus on providing the best planning advice for their clients.  

Your Money, Your Wealth airs each Saturday morning from 10am-12pm on Talk Radio 760 KFMB.